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How do I apply for personal credit with Fido?

To apply for personal credit with Fido, kindly follow these steps:


  1. Install the Fido App from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store using this link: DOWNLOAD
  2. Register your Fido Account by providing a valid mobile number and waiting for the one-time code we will send to your phone number.
  3. Enter the one-time code to verify your phone number.
  4. Set a 4-digit pin code that will be used every time you log into Fido. Make sure it’s a number you will remember.


  1. Verify your identity by selecting ‘Draw now’ to go through a quick verification process.
  2. Allow camera permission on your phone and submit a selfie from the Fido App. Make sure to follow the instructions on the screen for a successful selfie capture. Check out our selfie guidelines.
  3. Next take a front photo of your Ghana card, making sure your card details are visible and fit in the frame provided.
  4. Check the Ghana Card number extracted from the photo to be sure it is correct and in this format: GHA-000111111-0.
  5. Then submit your address details to complete your account verification.

More about account verification

Request Credit

  1. From the Home Page of the app, select ‘Draw now’.
  2. After KYC you calculate your Fido score by answering the questions that follow to receive your Fido credit score. After you have received your score you can now go ahead and request credit or draw from your approved credit limit.
  3. Accept and approve all permission requests.
  4. Select the amount you want to draw, and then the credit term. You can choose between 10-33 days for your initial credit term. And up to 6 months installments for returning customers.
  5. Complete the questions that follow to help us evaluate and approve your first credit application, then submit.
  6. If your application is successful, then review and accept the credit terms.
  7. Lastly, add a payment method to tell us which account the payment should be sent to. That’s it…you’re done! Remember that the payment account you add must be registered in your name. 

Learn more about payment methods

Remember that the only way to apply for personal credit is through the Fido App (it's absolutely free). This process can not be influenced by any individual. You should not pay money to anyone under any circumstances to get credit with Fido. Fido will never ask for a form of cash deposit before processing your credit application.

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