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What can I do from the Profile Page?

The Profile Page of the app has a lot of useful features to help you get the best out of the Fido App. In addition to showing you the mobile number linked to your Account, you will have a few menus grouped into two sections; ‘My Account’ and ‘About Fido’.

My Account section - You can:

  • Verify your identity for the first time.
  • See your Fido ID (after your identity has been verified). 
  • Check out your Fido Score (after you have been verified and completed a survey.)
  • Manage your Payment Methods (after your identity was verified).
  • Invite a friend (after you have successfully created an account).

About Us section - You can:

  • Visit the Help Center.
  • Rate the Fido App.
  • Read our Privacy Policy.
  • Read our Terms and Conditions.

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