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Step-by-Step Guide to Requesting Business Registration Documents

Requesting documents from a regulatory body can be intimidating, but knowing the process and your rights makes it easier. This guide offers simple steps to help you through it

Business Registration Documents from Registrar General Department.

Manual Registration ProcedureOnline Application Procedure
  • Propose three names for your business or company and verify their availability through a search.
  • Obtain or download the essential Entity Registration form.
  • Complete all sections of the Entity Form.
  • Choose a ticket that corresponds to the Entity type for which you are registering.
  • Wait till your ticket number is called
  • Present the fully filled-out form, along with all necessary documents, for validation by the inspector.
  • A payment slip is generated for payment to be made
  • The document is left at the in-house Bank for onward processing
  • The decision is made to Approve, Query or Reject
  • Certificates and other supporting documents are issued when approval is given

Log onto the Registrar General’s Online Business registration portal and register your business

  • Visit the Registrar General's Online Business registration portal at
  • Check the availability of your desired Business Name through the Name Search feature.
  • Download the forms for the specific Entity Type you wish to register.
  • Print, complete, sign, and scan the forms along with other necessary documents.
  • Create a user account on the portal and log in with the provided username and password.
  • Access the Entity Registration link on the welcome page and select it again from the left pane.
  • Choose the 'Create New' button if the name hasn't been reserved, or 'Create From Name Reservation' if reserved.
  • Select the entity type from the drop-down list, enter the business name, and click Proceed.
  • Input data, upload scanned and signed documents, and follow the provided instructions
  • Make the required payment online by clicking on the 'make payment online' link.
  • Receive registration status updates via SMS.
  • Click on the eCertificate link to save or print the certificate and supporting documents after approval

 Business Registration Documents from Local Assembly Registration Certificate from the District Assembly (Operating Permit / District Assembly Certificate)

To get the District Assembly Certificate / Operating Permit, you would have to:

  • Write an application or introductory letter to the District Chief Executive stating the Name of Business, Type of Business, and Location of Business.
  • Inspection of office premises if necessary.
  • A bill is generated and served on the applicant regarding the Local Government Act (Act 462) sections 34, 78, 94, 98 and also following the Fee Fixing Resolution of the Upper West Akim District Assembly depending on the type and location of the business.
  • A Receipt and a Certificate are issued after payment.
  • The Certificate / permit is renewable yearly.

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