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What documents do I need to improve my Fido Score?

Build your track record as a loyal Fido customer to reach the highest Fido Score. To improve your Fido Score and enjoy this, upload the documents listed below:  

Document Type
Documents Accepted
Personal Documents ( Proof of Address )
Electricity Bill
Water Bill
Mortgage statement
Tenancy agreement
 ( Proof of Employment )
Appointment letter
Pay slip
Promotion letter
Transfer letter
SSNIT statement
Financial Information
Linking your bank account and uploading your MTN momo Statement within the last three months are two ways to raise your score using your financial information.
Email verificationVerifying your email is another way to increase your Fido Score and also a means to contact you.

 It is crucial to use accurate and consistent names on all documents to facilitate smooth approval processes. Ensuring that your name matches across databases is essential. Make sure that the name on your other presented documents aligns with the name provided during the registration process. 

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