Applying for Personal Credit

Why get personal credit from Fido?
FAST - Get approved within minutes CONVENIENT - Apply from the App anytime, anywhere EASY - No application fees, No collateral,  No guarantors TRANSPARENT - Review the full cost before applying, with no hidden fees
What are the requirements for applying for personal credit with Fido?
You must be a Ghanaian living in Ghana. You must be at least 18 years old. Have an active mobile money wallet, registered in your name. Have a valid Ghana Card. Download the Fido app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store using this link:
How do I apply for personal credit with Fido?
To apply for personal credit with Fido, kindly follow these steps: Register Install the Fido App from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store using this link: DOWNLOAD Register your Fido Account by providing a valid mobile number and waiting for the one-time code we will send to your phone...
How long will it take to approve my personal credit?
Approval usually takes a few minutes at most after you complete and submit your credit request. Pay attention to the feedback you receive in the app after submitting your credit request. This would tell you if any further action is required of you to receive the approved request in your wallet.
What is the maximum credit amount I can access from Fido?
As a first-time customer, you have the opportunity to secure a credit limit of up to GH₵ 200. By consistently making timely payments and strengthening your financial profile/track record with us, you can improve your credit score and draw up to GH₵ 4000 from your personal credit line. To che...
What are the fees and interest rates charged on personal credit with Fido?
Fido maintains a highly transparent fee structure, allowing users to fully review terms within the Fido App prior to submitting a credit application. This will help you make an informed decision regarding your financial arrangements.  It is important to note that fees and interest rates may dif...
What is an installment Credit?
Installment credit lines are a way to make repaying larger credit limits easier for some Fido customers. Customers eligible for installment credit lines will have this option in the app to choose multiple payments instead of 1 payment that is due in a month. Fido offers up to 6 months of inst...
How soon can I draw from my credit line after repaying the current one??
You can draw another credit as soon as you fully repay your currently outstanding credit balance. Very rarely, based on our credit approval policy, some customers may have to wait until their scheduled due date to be able to draw credit again.
My credit application was not approved, what can I do?
We are sorry if your credit request did not meet our approval criteria. This is usually not your fault and mostly because we do not have enough information about you to make an approval decision. Kindly pay attention to the feedback you receive in the Fido App after submitting your credit reque...
Next step, after loan approval.
Congratulations on receiving your personal credit request! This is a great opportunity to build a good relationship with Fido by paying off your credit on time. Doing this will improve your Fido Score and qualify you for improved personal credit line that offers higher credit limits with lower i...