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Guide: Credit Application

Welcome Screen

After selecting ‘Apply now’ you will be presented with a welcome screen. 

  • This screen explains the type of data we collect as part of the credit decision process, as well as for fraud prevention.
  • By selecting the ‘Allow’ button you will be prompted to allow the Fido App to get access to specific Android permissions.

Draw from your credit limit

On the credit amount selection screen, you can choose your desired credit amount in two ways:

  • By typing the desired *amount using the keypad on the screen
  • Or by choosing from the available suggestion cards that provide different terms to choose from

Credit summary page

On this page, you should review a basic summary of the terms of your credit line based on the amount you want to draw. All charges associated with your credit will be shown on the screen. You should review:

  • Your credit repayment date - expected date to pay off your credit balance
  • Credit amount - how much money you are drawing.
  • Commitment fee - upfront charge to be deducted from your credit amount before disbursing.
  • Finance charge - total cost of the credit including interest and all related charges.

Select the ‘Next’ button below the screen to accept the credit summary.

NB: Images in this article are for illustration purposes only and may differ from actual terms in the Fido App.

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