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Can I repay my personal credit or business loan without the Fido App?

Yes, should you not have access to internet or the Fido App in general, you can repay using the USSD steps below:

Using *998# (AirtelTigo & all other networks)

  1. Dial *998#
  2. Enter your 4-digit pin code for your Fido account.
  3. Select Option 1 Loan Services
  4. Select Repay loan
  5. Select repay your loan amount to repay full amount or
  6. You can select other amount to pay partial amount
  7. Type the amount
  8. Select the wallet you want to pay with
  9. Authorize the payment received on your wallet number by entering your mobile money  Pin

MTN users can repay as below:

  1. Dial: *170 #
  2. Select: MoMoPay & Pay Bill
  3. Select: Pay Bill
  4. Select: General Payment
  5. Enter Payment Code: fido
  6. Enter Amount: __
  7. Enter Reference: (Client ID)
  8. Enter Your Pin Code: _ _ _ _

Vodafone Cash users can repay as below:

  1. Dial: *110#
  2. Select: Make Payments
  3. Select: Paybill
  4. Select: Other Payment options
  5. Enter Short Code: 633000
  6. Enter Bill Number: (Client ID)
  7. Enter Amount:
  8. Enter Pin Code: _ _ _ _

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