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Guide: Accepting Credit Terms

Credit processing screen

After successfully submitting your credit request, you will see the processing screen. This should only take a moment, usually less than 2 minutes.

Credit Pre-agreement

After your personal credit line is approved, you will be presented with a credit pre-agreement for your review. Your pre-agreement would highlight information such as:

  • Expected Disbursement: This is the date you are expected to receive payment of your approved credit request. It should usually be the same day you submitted your credit application.
  • Fido ID: This is a 9-digit number that is uniquely assigned to you to identify you as a Fido customer.
  • Finance charge: This is the total cost of your credit, including interest and fees, to be paid on your repayment date.
  • Repayment schedule: This shows you the date you are expected to pay off your credit, and the total amount you will repay.
  • You will also see links to the 'Credit Agreement' and 'Terms of Service'.

Adding payment method

You will have the option to add or edit your preferred mobile money wallet into which the approved credit request will be sent. Note, however, that the wallet you add must be registered in your name.

Find out more about Adding Payment Methods.

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