About Fido

Who we are
Fido is on a mission to empower individuals and entrepreneurs to capture opportunities in Africa, where financial services are out of reach for the majority. Fido empowers individuals and entrepreneurs to take advantage of opportunities in Africa.
Is Fido authorized to provide financial services in Ghana?
Yes. Fido is licensed as a Tier 3 Microfinance Institution (Micro Credit Company) and is regulated by the Bank of Ghana.
What makes Fido different from other financial institutions?
We differentiate ourselves from a bank and most other financial institutions by offering: Instant services 24/7 service availability Fully transparent terms Fido is leveraging technology to go beyond just digital-financial services but additionally to educate our customers on how to improv...
What services does Fido offer?
Fido offers individuals and entrepreneurs an opportunity to receive a personal and business credit line through the Fido App. Fido customers additionally benefit from using the app for bill payment and soon savings and cost-effective payment products soon to help users easily improve their finan...
Is the Fido App free to use?
Yes, the Fido App is free to download and use. You should not pay money to any individual to register a Fido Account or use Fido services. Any charges linked to your personal credit will be clearly displayed within the Fido App. You can download and install the app from the Google Play store or...