Applying for top-up

What top-up options are available to use?
Fido top-up offers a variety of services, including purchasing airtime and data bundles for all mobile networks, as well as bill payment. Our top-up service provides convenience, cost savings, and significant discounts on airtime and data purchases. When buying data bundles through the Fido app,...
I am already a Fido Customer, do I qualify for top-up?
Yes, you are eligible to apply for top-up through the Fido App or our shortcode *998#. Look for the Top-up on your Fido App's homepage when you log in. Click "on your preferred option” to apply. NB: You must have a good repayment track record to be eligible. Continue repaying your c...
I am new to Fido, how do I top-up?
If you're new to Fido, start by downloading and registering on the Fido App. After verification, follow the steps to apply for top-up on the Fido App or dial *998# to apply for top-up.
How long will it take to receive my top-up?
Approval usually takes a few minutes at most after you submit your top-up request. Pay attention to the feedback you receive in the app after submitting your request. This would tell you if any further action is required of you to receive the approved request on your number.
What happens if I don’t receive my top-up?
We strive to approve all top-up applications, but regrettably, not all can be approved. If your application is not approved, please review the feedback provided in the app for guidance on the next steps. Our Customer Support Team and Fido App chat service are available to assist you.
How do I top-up?
To top-up from the app, kindly login to the Fido App and select your preferred top-up option;  AIRTIME TOP-UP Select “Airtime” on the homepage Select the recipient's mobile network (MTN, Vodafone or AirtelTigo) Enter the number where you would like to receive the airtime. You can choose...
I defaulted my previous repayment, can I apply for top-up ?
To be eligible, a good repayment track record is required. Continue repaying your credit on time to fully enjoy our products and services on the Fido App. Unfortunately, defaulting on payments may limit access to our top-up service
Why can’t I top-up?
In such cases kindly pay attention to the feedback you receive in the app after submitting your  request to know what to do next. Feel free to contact our Fido Customer Support or use the Fido App chat service for assistance.